Joyce Park, MD

Board of Directors & Founding Member

Dr. Joyce Park is a board certified dermatologist and a skincare and beauty blogger. She grew up in the Bay Area, attending college and medical school at Stanford University, and then left the warmth for her dermatology residency at NYU. During medical school, she discovered her interest in medical journalism, and completed one year as the Stanford-NBC News Global Health Media Fellowship, working in the communications office of the World Health Organization in Switzerland and as part of the medical team at NBC News. She realized the power of traditional and social media for public health education during this year, and she continued exploring this potential as a fellow interning at the ABC News Medical Unit. Dr. Park created Tea With MD as a lifestyle blog with a focus on medicine, science-based skincare, and beauty from a dermatologist’s perspective. She strives to educate and entertain her audience with a range of topics including scientific research, reviews of beauty trends, and personal reflections on becoming a physician. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking up new recipes with her Instant Pot, hiking, taking hip hop classes, and doing arts and crafts.

Twitter: @teawithMD
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YouTube: @teawithMD
Blog: TeaWithMD.com

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