Hosting Giveaway Campaigns

Purpose of Instagram Giveaways:

Joyce Park, MD
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Giveaways are a great way to collaborate with brands or other individuals on social media, reward your followers with a prize, and increase your own following.

How-To Instructions:

Here are some basic tips to setting up and running an Instagram giveaway.

  1. Decide on Who Will Be Running the Giveaway: Will you be doing it solo or working with others? One large benefit to co-hosting a giveaway is exposing your followers to your co-hosts, and vice versa. This means you may reach new potential followers who are interested in similar topics as you and your co-hosts. I have run giveaways with other dermatologists, residents, medical students, nurses, and brands themselves.

       2. Usually the larger the prize, the greater the buzz. Examples of prizes include skincare products, travel accessories, luxury bags, scrub sets, stethoscopes, etc. You will also have to decide who will pay for the prize; will the co-hosts all chip in money to buy the prize or will the prize be donated by the brand?  You will also have to discuss shipping and handling costs.

       3. Agree on the Contest Rules:  Some things to discuss with your co-hosts (if you’re co-hosting) prior to posting about the giveaway include:

    1. What date and time to post, including time zone
    2. What photo to post, whether it will be a uniform photo or individualized photos
    3. Who can enter: are there age or country of residency restrictions
    4. Criteria to enter: This is where you can decide how to boost engagement or increase followers for each other. Examples of rules to enter include: following your own account and your co-hosts, liking the photo, commenting on the photo, tagging friends in the comments, and reposting the giveaway on the user’s own Instagram. Sometimes hosts offer an extra entry in the giveaway for certain actions such as sharing the post on the user’s own Instagram account
    5. How long the giveaway will run, including time zone
    6. When and how the winner(s) will be announced
      Post…And Don’t Forget The Disclaimer

Once the rules have been decided, you can post the photo with the corresponding predetermined and edited caption that contains all the rules. Make sure to include this disclaimer: “This giveaway is not sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Instagram.” Read more about Instagram’s rules on promotions here

  1. Advertise the Giveaway

Advertise the giveaway on social media: Now that the contest is open, you and your co-hosts should share about it frequently on Instagram stories, do shoutouts highlighting the co-hosts, and drum up buzz to get people to enter. You can also ask the brand of the prize to reshare your photo for extra engagement.

       6. Choose the Winner: There are many ways to do this, some that cost money and some that are free. Examples of websites/apps you can use to pick a random winner include “Woobox,” “Easy Promos,” “Shortstack, and “Comment picker.” Don’t want to pay? You can also copy and paste all the comments into an excel document and then use a random number generator to pick one winner. Keep in mind that the paid website services can also accommodate filters, such as looking for a winner who fulfilled all the criteria to enter the contest. This makes it easier to make sure the winner followed your rules, such as liking the photo, following your co-hosts, etc.

       7. Announce the Winner: Make sure you contact the winner, usually through direct message on Instagram. Then, circle back to your previous post and share who the winner is, that the contest is now closed, and thank everyone for participating.

      8. Ship the Prize
Make sure that the prize makes it to the winner safely! That’s it! Good luck on running your Instagram giveaway!


Last updated May 3, 2019