I paid but I haven’t received a registration email? 

It may take up to an hour before you receive your registration email. Your email may go to your spam folder. If you have not received the email after an hour, please contact us. 

Paypal won’t work in my country, are there other options? 

Unfortunately, at this time, there are no other options. 

Can I use Venmo?

At this time, we cannot accept Venmo.  

Why should I pay to join?  

There is a lot that happens behind the scenes to begin a non-profit organization and then to keep it running. Our board and executive members do not receive payment at this time, their work is all volunteer. The funds go directly to keeping this organization intact and providing resources to our community members.  

Can non physicians join? 

Yes. We believe almost everyone involved in discussing health online has a unique perspective to offer the healthcare community and our mission is to support the spread of your message in a responsible manner.  If you have questions about a particular field, do not hesitate to email.  

Will there be an affiliate member program for non-health professionals? Patient Advocates? 

At this time there is not an affiliate member program. However, AHSM is continuously researching new ways to support our community so new programs will be implemented down the line.  And if you have suggestions please leave a comment and contact us.  

More questions? Please contact us at info@ahsm.org