Education on Instagram

Cedric “Jamie” Rutland, MD

Attracting new followers and maintaining current ones by means of education, especially complex education, is a difficult strategy. For many in the medical Instagram realm, this type of complex education is our primary purpose. Though your words hold the most value, they are not what initially grabs the greatest attention. Always review your post from a marketer’s standpoint.

You are a product that needs to be sold and you are given a saturated platform and a very small window to stop your consumers. You’re one finger swipe away from never being noticed again. The first thing that drives a user to stop is not the written words within your post. Your hashtags are insignificant until the attention is captured.

The picture you choose to post makes a difference in overall engagement. It is your first impression.

There are three points to consider when formulating an engaging post:
  1. PEOPLE: Instagram photos with 1-2 visible faces garner more attention.The picture you choose will be more effective if it features you. You are the product you are selling. Show yourself doing what you are writing about.
  2. AESTHETIC: The photo should be eye-pleasing. Initial engagement will often be reflective of photo quality – if the picture is poor, the feedback will also be poor. Instagram is a visual platform. The photo needs to have interesting qualities and must be attention grabbing.
  3. FIRST SENTENCE: While the picture is important, your first sentence is what determines the outcome of gaining or losing a follower. Try to follow a top-down approach. Start with the main message. Instagram users have an array of options and won’t usually take extra time to sift through several sentences to grasp your point…unless you give them a reason early on. Make it easy to understand and immediately gratifying – meaning, pack your powerful punch in the beginning.